One of the most asked questions on Instagram are regarding my studies. How is to studying abroad and why I moved to Cape Town. So I hope I can answer all of your questions in this post, if you have some more just message me on Instagram or ask directly under this post.

what do you study?

I study Communication Design at the CTCA (Cape Town Creative Academy) in Woodstock. I will major with a BA of Arts in Design & Photography (my minor).

June 2019
Cape Town, South Africa.

Magdalena Fuez, Kapstadt, cape Town, South Africa, Südafrika, studying abroad
Magdalena Fuez, Kapstadt, cape Town, South Africa, Südafrika, studying abroad

why did you decide to study your course?

When I first graduated from High School I did a three year apprenticeship as a Media Designer in Digital & Print. Therefor I am very passionate about Design, Typography and Aesthetics in general. I wanted my studies to build on the knowledge and degree I already have.

why Cape Town?

To live in Cape Town has been a dream of mine for years. When I first came to Cape Town for a holiday with my family I was 14 years old and fell head over heels for the city. Dreamed about living here in my early twenties and have been coming back once or twice every year with my family.  I hold onto this dream for years. After I finished my apprenticeship as a Media Designer I moved to Munich to go back to school to get my full diploma. After I’ve been living in Munich for more than two years, graduation from school, working as a designer and junior art director for a few agencies in Munich, I had the desire to see the world and switch up my life, push my comfort zones and try something new.

When I first told my dad, that I thought to apply for a Bachelor Degree in Cape Town, he was as excited as me and backed my plan from the beginning. Thus I am very grateful that my family was so understanding and supportive of me moving to the other side of the world.

Magdalena Fuez, Kapstadt, cape Town, South Africa, Südafrika, studying abroad

how do you finance your studies?

this was definitely the most asked question. my family supports me with my study fees. Other than that I am paying everything myself from the money I earn through my freelance work as a designer, social media manager and through my instagram and blog.

would you do it again?

absolutely yes. I have actually asked myself this question quite often lately. Because moing halfway around the globe may seem fun at first but it also hard work in order to “built” a new life, find a new social circle and simple things like who is gonna be my dentist, where am I going if I need certain things etc. But it also has been the best experience of my life. I learned to about myself and life itself. So if you have the chance, privilege, and freedom to study or move abroad: DO IT! Move out of your comfort zone and gain new experiences and make adventures. Because what is there to loose really?

what is your favorite subject of the course, what do you enjoy doing the most?

My favorite courses are definitely the practical ones. I enjoy Communication Design the most & Photograph. Both vary regarding the project we are doing in one term. And lately I really enjoyed Business Studies as well.

are you struggeling to study in English?

To be honest when I first enrolled for my course I not really think about it too much. Which was good because I did not worry too much. I would say that I am fine in all the practical subjects. I only struggle with my thesis and the exams in the theoretical subject from time to time as I am not as fast as native speakers. Presentations in my first year was the scariest to me. But I am glad that our lectures forced us to do it as by now I am quite confident doing presentations in English.

how was the application process?

The overall application process for the university and the study visa is a lot of paper work. It took me 6 months from the first step to actually have my visa in my Passport. Don’t underestimate the work, nerves, tears and money that will go into this application.

The first step was for me to get my German school reports official translated into english (100 eur per page – which can add up quite quickly). I then had to send the school reports with a copy of my passport etc. to SAQA in South Africa. They check your school reports and give you a yes or no if you are even allowed to study at a University in South Africa withe the current degree you hold. After I got the go from SAQA I applied at my university with a lot of paper work and my portfolio. After they accepted my application I was able to start applying for my visa.

which visa do you have?

I am on a three-year study visa, which is valid for the exact duration of my studies.

In order to apply for it, you first need to have a letter of acceptance from your university (as I explained). Additionally you are required to do a complete medial check up including an x-ray of your lungs to check you for tuberculosis. I had to get complete and pay a medical insurance for the tree years in South Africa in advance. Regardless I would get the visa or not. Bank statements from the last 6 months from me and my parents were also required, as well as mine and their police reports.

My final tipp is: be on top of all of your documents and all of the processes, call, email and don’t take no for an answer. SAQA first declined my application due to a minor mistake in my application document. I called them 100 times and eventually sorted everything out.

Magdalena Fuez, Kapstadt, cape Town, South Africa, Südafrika, studying abroad