If you know me you might have noticed that I am not much of a girly girl. And as soon as these pink colored Instagram accounts took over I looked out for other profiles which are not the typical stereotypical blonde-girly-beach-wavy-off shoulder-dresses-over-edited-pink-sunset-skies type of vibes. You do you and obviously, everyone has a different taste when it comes to aesthetics.

But as you know I am more a lover of aesthetics, monochromatic a lot of black and darker tones. So I thought it might be interesting for you as well to have a look at my current favorite Instagram Accounts who meet these requirements.


The L.A. native Tania Sarina is blogging on tsarin.com for about four years. I discovered her Instagram account quite recently through instafamous Song of Style who is a close friend of her. In her Bio, she says: “I’m not as dark and moody as my photos”. But the moody photos and her use of a darker color palette made me fell in love with her account on first sight. Check her out on @tania_sarin.


Iam following Josefine for about a year now and still not tired of her daily uploads. The Danish Blogger has the talent to let all of her pictures look super casual and unstaged which is a refreshingly new feeling to Instagram. It appears as she is just snapping her pictures spontaneously on the go. Check her out on: @josefinehj


I stumbled across Vivian’s because she was living in Cape Town for a month at the beginning of the year. We planned to meet up but unfortunately, we did not manage to. But I am sure she will sooner or later be in Mother City again. I really like her visual sense for photos as well as her fashion style. Check her out on @vivianhoorn.

Unbenannt-15 Kopie

Kristina is my girl crush from day one. I started following her when she still lived in Switzerland with her parents. And it was amazing to follow her successful journey as a fashion blogger from the beginning until now. She came a long way from that sweet 16-year-old blonde girl with a love for pastel colors to the woman she is now. I really love her latest artistic style on her pictures and her transition with her dark hairs.  Check her out on @kristinabazan


The German couple Lisa-Marie and Tim are creating beautiful content together on their Instagram Account They are based in Milan and travel around the world to present their followers the most beautiful places and hotels. I love their aesthetics for image compositions and the film inspired looks on their pictures. Check them out on @jimsandkittys