I turned 23 on the fifth of April and I took a moment to sit down and reflect on my life and all the things that I have learned the past months and years. So here are 23 things that I have learned in the last 23 years. To the next 23 years!

1. Love is a lot of things. But mostly it’s pretty awesome.

2. Cleaning out your closet. It is therapeutic, smart, and helpful. And you actually don’t need 20 different pairs of jeans.

3. You are your biggest critic. Cut yourself some slack.
Everything is okay.

4. Different doesn’t mean better or worse. It just means different.

5. You are capable of so much more than you think you are.

6. Taxes are hard. They are also required, so you eventually have to figure it out sooner rather than later.

7. People cannot read your mind. You will be disappointed over and over again if you just expect others to know what you want. Communicate your needs or they won’t be met.

8. Listen to your body. I always thought that nothing can bring me down and my body can take everything. Well, sometimes it really is better to go to the doctor than to just sit it through. It is natural to not always be healthy and your strongest.

9. Time management. It makes life so much easier. Whether it’s your private life, your job or university assignments.

10. Letting go of friends who don’t positively impact your life is a part of growing up. People change. Values change.


11. Saying no is often just as empowering as saying yes.

12. You really can’t change anyone.
But you can change the way you react to them.

13. Family is the best thing.
And sometimes friends even become a part of it.

14. Order dessert and have all the carbs.
Life is too short to cut down on the comfort food.

15. Be confident in your own abilities and strengths.
And comfortable with where you’re at in your journey.

16. Trust the timing of your life and be patient. Everyone is different – it’s not a race.

17. There’s not much that can’t be fixed with a little salt water,
the ocean, a long walk, and a hot coffee.

18. Be grateful for your Health. It is the biggest gift.

19. Don’t EVER give up on your dreams. They are what makes this life worth living. And someday you will even pursue them.


20. Showing gratitude is the most important thing you can practice in your entire life.

21. Quality over quantity.
This actually applies to whole different things in life.

22. If you once had bangs, every other year the desire will come back to cut them again. Resist! It’s too much work. And it takes forever to grow them out again.

23. Relax, breath and unwind. And make sure to switch your phone off while doing so.